To be a good referee, you must continue to learn and improve with every game. Experience is the best teacher and confidence builder and the more games you do the more comfortable and confident you'll be. Young athletes are watching and absorbing the way you act and respect others.  Be a role model!

All of our referees have taken the appropriate courses as required by CASA.  We have seasoned referees who know the game inside and out and we are trying to teach the younger kids to take on some of the ref positions.  OUR REFEREES, like all referees are only human. All referees miss calls ... unfortunately we don't have instant replay.  Let's encourage our refs and staying positive on the fields!

Remember to have FUN!

A word from our ref assignor...  UPDATING

Welcome to the 2018 Outdoor Season. 

I would like to share the following links and resources provided by our governing associations. 


As Referee Assignor I do my best to ensure games are assigned and run smoothly but first and foremost safely. 

To do my job that also means I need coaches, members and referees to keep me updated and posted on any changes. My cell number is provided for call or text updates and email. 

Note to Parents, Players and Coaches: Referees are educated through Alberta Soccer training and always learning to improve. Please be patient and help this by creating a less hostile environment. There is a zero tolerance policy on official abuse. Referee's have the final say. And any disputes must be brought up through the proper process. And even though we may know people from our small towns we must also keep communication not related to the games to a minimum to focus on our tasks. Please also educate yourselves on the provided links for Lightning safety as Alberta is known to have dramatic weather changes. Also keep me posted of changes because we still get paid if less than 24 hours notice is given of a cancellation or reschedule. I MUST be notified. 

Note to Referees: I look forward to working with you all and never be afraid to ask for mentoring, resources and assistance to further your skills. We are ALL a TEAM and work together to provide the services needed for minor soccer to operate in Stettler. We gain confidence and skills for resumes, while earning an income as a part time, flexible job. Make sure to keep me posted of any changes and emergencies that arise to your assignments. 

If you are reading this and would like to join our team of Referees, contact me to get notified of Referee training and more. 

WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING TO FILL THE REF ASSIGNER POSITION! Please let us know if you would be interested in this position.

Waiting out the storm!

Download the Environment Canada Lightning Safety App or Website Map

Referee Courses and Refreshers

Pre Registration is required for ALL Clinics – WALK INS ARE NOT ALLOWED. 


TBA- Lacombe

TBA- Rocky

TBA- Wetaskiwin

TBA- Camrose

TBA- Ponoka


Referees MUST have turned 14 years of age no later than May 15, 2019

in order to be eligible to participate in the Full Certification courses.

TBA- Camrose

TBA - Lacombe

TBA - Rocky Mountain House


Referees under the age of 14 (minimum 12 years of age by May 1st)

in order to be eligible to participate in the Full Certification courses.

TBA- Lacombe

TBA - Wetaskiwin

TBA - Camrose

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