Indoor Soccer

WHAT!!!! There is an indoor league in STETTLER!! How?

Yes! There is an indoor mixed group for teams U13 - U19.  This varies each year with the number of children who are interested as well as coaches willing to volunteer!

We practice at a local gym in Stettler or any gym around that has gym time for us!  We like to go to Camrose at the field house there every now and again to do some practice.

Games are usually on the weekend in Red Deer or Camrose.  Again this depends on which league we choose to play. 

Coaches usually have one practice a week.

Temperature controlled rooms ... THIS IS SO UNLIKE OUTDOOR COLD & HOT!  Kids are always having fun and it is a great way to stay active in the winter months!

Team Bonding & FUN!

We try to enter into one tournament through out the year.  The older kids might do more. The kids of all levels are usually together in the hotel and we all hang out and it is a great time! 

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